Brief introduction of the organization :  

    The first topographic surveying brigade of SBSM established in 1956, is directly under the leadership of  Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation(Shaanxi Bureau of Surveying and Mapping as its former name,SHASM).It is one of the first batch of Grade A mapping qualification authenticated units. For over 50 years, we has assumed a large number of national key mapping projects of the basic surveying and mapping, made outstanding contribution for our country's economic construction and national defense. Since reforming and opening, we devoted into economic construction upsurge, gave full play to the talents, technology and equipment resources, to complete a number of projects construction measurement, digital city surveying, cadastral survey and cadastral survey and land use investigation and database construction and other projects, achieved well economic and social benefits, Received wide praise. In 2000, Our units in surveying and mapping industry achieved the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. At present, the unit annual production value are up to 50 million Yuan.
    From the beginning of 1998, we cooperate with the department of  land and resources in Cadastral Surveying and mapping, land survey, land planning and operations. Has finished 30 multinomial cadastral surveying and land survey tasks, our unit is also the town cadastral surveying and mapping pilot unit in Shaanxi province.

(1) Organization 

    Administration office: Party and government office, the personnel department, finance department, production department, technical department, quality management, equipment management, project office;

    Production office: the total nine production branches.

(2) The staff

   We have 340 staffs which including 6 registration of Surveying and Mapping Division,18 senior engineers, 51 engineers, 32 assistant engineers and technicians and 28 other personnel.

(3) The equipment

   67  GPS receiver, 61 Electronic Total Station, 26 Level instrument, 16 Pipeline detector, 28 sets of full digital photogrammetric system and more than 200 Computers. Also we have 12 Plotters, 33 mapping special-purpose vehicles etc.

(4) Software resource

    24 sets of all-digital photogrammetric workstation, more than 100 sets of the mapping software etc.

(5) Scope of business

     Photogrammetric and remote sensing, engineering survey, cadastral mapping, property mapping, boundary surveying and mapping, land surveys, geographic information systems engineering.

(6) Quality target

    Surveying and mapping project contract compliance rate of 100%, surveying and mapping products once acceptance rate of 100% customer satisfaction rate of 85%.

(8) Quality policy 

    Science and technology as the guide, Talent as the basis,

    The pursuit of customer satisfaction, and seek common development.

Add:4Cehui Road,Xi`an,Shaanxi Province P.R.China(710054)

Telephone:029-85553037 Fax:029-85553037